Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 9 Steel Notes Magazine A few days had passed when I received a profound description of our show in the form of a single photograph ... The photographer was Johan Vipper ... upon viewing his work I have had to conclude that this guy is currently the most incredible photographer ever ... Not only in Rock and Roll but in all subjects his eyes and equipment choose to observe ... I mean his nature shots and landscapes are like something you would expect from Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone ... The photograph Johan took of us was a mindblower in that he captured the glitter in the air ... astounding me ... MBW: Let’s start right there, Johan ... Can you tell us what alien supernatural powers you possess ... to perceive and grab that moment as you do ??? JV: I have the supernatural power of looking three seconds into the future … :) MBW: I detect an accent, Johan ... Do you care to tell us about your background ??? JV: Born in Sweden to a Swedish mother and an Estonian father, moved to NYC New Years Eve 1989 after spending lots of time here since the late 1970s. MBW: You are the most joyful newlywed ... I see you and your beautiful wife Ingrid Rudefors Vipper everywhere I go in Manhattan ... As you well know I have recently interviewed Ingrid and her new book Meanwhile On A Roof In Chinatown ... Just thought I’d bring our readers up to date ... I think you are the perfect couple to ask about living in New York City ... How would you describe one of your most memorable recent happy days together ??? JV: Last weekend we spent a lazy afternoon exploring Red Hook in Brooklyn ending the afternoon at Hometown Bar-b-Que, the best in the city we think. Contemplating moving there but it is really too far. We like living a four minute walk from Sidewalk and The Bowery Electric. This particular day ended at an Anne Husick event at Sidewalk. Walking distance. We also spend a lot of time on our balcony overlooking Alphabet City. MBW: Just a few days ago I was engaged in conversation with a beautifully inspired young novice in your field named Alice Espinosa Cincotta who said you had taken her under your wing ... how awesome and fortunate for anyone ... She told me that you have been taking serious photographs for quite some ti me ... Will you please tell us about your passion for photography ??? Steel Notes Magazine 9