Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 87

Steel Notes Magazine Track 9 - Sun, Surf & Sand - by The Accelerators - I swear this could be the Ramones. This, folks, is punk rock the way it should be played! Listen to this track and tell me punk rock is mindless noise. The vocals sound good. He is not screaming, the man is singing - in tune. The band is tight. The song has energy and the blast is short. The entire song is just under two minutes long. Excellent job guys! Track 10 - Ramones Rock - by The OneNeeders - This is the other side of punk rock. What I mean is that their bio sheet says The OneNeeders are a constantly changing line up of musicians who come together to make noise because they like it. I love that! These dudes are having fun and it shows. It sounds like these guys had the same feeling I did when I first heard the Ramones. News to Rolling Stone and MTV: It is NOT about the money. Rock on guys! So what is the bottom line? Simple, this is a great album filled with tracks from bands you may not be familiar with, but whose music will make you feel better. I love rock and roll and this, folks, is some really good rock and roll. - The Grouch | Sweden Steel Notes Magazine 87