Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 86

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Track 7 - Don't Look Back - by Pamela Davis - I am of two minds about this song. On the one hand, I am not really a fan of the lyrics. I do not understand what the singer is trying to tell us. I can understand each word, but I don’t understand the message. The lyrics talk about bombs and people dying. The listener is told to keep their head low and fire at the enemy. Just as we learn that body parts are flying, I find that despite the lyrical content I really like the song. Why? It is at this point that the massive guitar opens up in a flurry that would make Jeff Beck smile. Basically, Pamela’s skill as a guitarist carries this song. Th e vocals sounds good, I just don’t grok the whole apocalyptic thing. What I do get is that the guitar on this track is KILLER. Listen to this song and I think you will also come away moved. Track 8 - The Wrong Kind of People - by hooyoosay - I like these guys! I liked them when I heard them on Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One and I like this track. These guys are really good at ironic rock. Listen to the song. It is just so cheery. The vocals sound so uplifting, so perky. Then you realize that the entire lyrical content is based on the fact that hooyoosay are lacking in all the superficial status symbols by which we tend to judge our fellow human beings. I dig what they are doing and in a way would actually classify this track as hardcore. It has been a while since I have heard such a stinging indictment of materialism. Jello would be happy. 86 Steel Notes Magazine