Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 85

Steel Notes Magazine he sings about a sock full of rocks and running the little clown car off the road. The clincher is when the judge frees the protagonist of the story because, after all, he only killed a clown. (Now, the mandatory disclaimer because some wack job might think killing an actual clown might be a good idea: Don’t do it. This song is only a joke. It’s funny because no one really likes clowns anyway. Clowns are creepy, just ask Stephen King.) Track 5 - Little Bit Lied To - by Susan SurfTone - The bio sheet says that she is out of Beavertown, Oregon, but I would not have been surprised if she came out of Texas. This track has Buddy Holly’s influence all over it. I really like this song. The guitar is good. The rhythm is infectious and the vocals sound good. You cannot really ask for anything more in a pop song. Well done Susan. Track 6 - A Spy For Love - by Mia Moravis had no idea they were making a new James -I Bond film. They must be, because this track is absolutely meant to be the theme song for a James Bond flick. The camp factor is over the top as Mia sultrily sings that she is a Spy For Love. The thing is that despite the intentional campiness and the omnipresent musical kitsch, the music on this track is really well played. Mia has a very good voice and the band actually makes the song groove. (I do have to wonder how many times they had to do a retake because the band was cracking up?) Steel Notes Magazine 85