Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 83

Steel Notes Magazine Track 1 - Show Me The Love - by Mark Lindsay. Anyone who has read my previous reviews knows that I have become a Mark Lindsay fan. Granted, at one time I dismissed Mark as an aging hippy who had a penchant for three-cornered hats. I was wrong. (Well, he might like those goofy hats, but that is his business.) Mark is anything but an old hippy. Mark Lindsay can rock and roll! Listen to this song and you will immediately know what I mean. The driving bassline, the pounding drums and the Steve Winwood like keys lay down a hypnotic groove. Then the vocals come in. Man, his voice was made for this stuff! Lest you think that is all, there is a moment when the guitar just opens up and lets it rip - that makes me smile each time I listen to this track. Listen to this song and tell me this dude isn’t one cool old rocker. Track 2 - So Fine - by the Nolas - The Nolas come from Montreal which I find interesting, partly because I spent three mind altering days in Montreal once and partly because these guys are basically doing surf music. Hang ten, eh! In all seriousness, these guys are some really good players. Their music is crisp and haunting. The term Goth comes to mind - not the kind of Goth that is simply annoying, but the kind where you stop and think: “Wow, not sure about the whole death vibe, but these guys can play.” The fact that the vocals sound good and the guitar player has some skill make this song really enjoyable. By the end of the track I find myself wanting to hear more from this band. Steel Notes Magazine 83