Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 70

Steel Notes Magazine Concert Review Sands Event Center June 17th, 2016 3 Doors Down Hosts Sold Out Show! by Foxxy Roxxy On their new tour Us and the Night, 3 Doors Down completely filled up the seats at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, Pa on May 19. They performed songs from their new album Us and the Night as well as some of their popular hits “Kryptonite”, “Here Without You”, and “Let Me Be Myself.” Brad Arnold, singer of 3 Doors Down, had the upmost respect for Bethlehem. After almost every song he spoke, “Thank you and God Bless you all!” Not only was the band polite but also performed a huge tribute to our military brothers and sisters. Before starting their song, “Citizen Soldier” Arnold gave a passionate thank you and gave his story as to why our military meant so much to him and the band. 3 Doors Down are all true southern gentlemen. Us and the Night reached no. 1 on the Independent Albums Chart and no. 2 on Top Rock Albums. The album was released this past March and is currently available on ITunes as well as on Amazon. Throughout their new album, Us and the Night, they put out a much younger wilder type of vibe. Their song, “In the Dark” is a rebellious party song while “Piece of Me” still keeps part of their old acoustic type of work. If you’re looking to rock out with the top down this is definitely an album worth listening to. 70 Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016