Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 68

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 from their punk roots that were never released on an album. The first was a song called “Screaming”, which I highly recommend looking up. It can stand up to any song today, and the catchy guitar riff will get stuck in your head. Making sure not to disappoint a single audience member, the band threw in Belinda Carlisle’s 1986 solo hit, “Mad About You”, and Jane Weidlen’s 1983 duet with Sparks, “Cool Places”. They also threw in “Cool Jerk”, a cover by The Capitols, and a surprising encore, an acoustic rendition Miley Cirus’s “Wrecking Ball.” Sorry Miley, Belinda Carlisle sang it way better. As the night wore on, the audience was treated to a musical journey through the career of the Go-Go’s. Song after song, hit after hit, not a single person in the Sands Event Center was sitting down. Belinda Carlisle, and the rest of the band, danced to each song they played like teenagers in a nightclub. And they looked better than some woman half their ages. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering why they would want to call it quits. Obviously, the band had a long, successful career, with several big hits and catchy songs. We can only hope that the 5 ageless women who make up the Go-Go’s will change their minds, and treat their fans to more music. 68 Steel Notes Magazine