Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 59 Steel Notes Magazine “Blind To Your Misery”’s bass heavy groove backs lyrics like “Everybody’s right…or so they think” and “They try to bring me down/But I stand up and hold my ground” to create a strong, encouraging song about staying true to your path and moving forward, in spite of others who would drag you down into their misery and negativity. “I Will Sail” accurately describes the frustration of wanting more out of life and out of a stalled relationship. “Darby Crash” is a fantastic, frantic song named for the late, great Germs frontman. Featuring the lyrics “If you don’t stand for something/You’ll fall for anything/If you don’t live for something/You’ll die for anything”, it’s not only a tribute to Darby, but the entire punk rock movement. An excellent song, powerful and moving, certainly one of the album’s standouts and a definite punk rock gem. “Problem Of The Poet” brings the spirit and sound of Nirvana roaring back to life both musically and lyrically. The song’s honest description of the artistic temperament, especially thinking and feeling too deeply, is sharply accurate. The closing lyric “Somebody better come and save my soul” resonates well past the song’s close. “Rhythm Method” is the album’s closer and the title isn’t the only thing smart about this track. With melancholy, contemplative lyrics like “I don’t want to sell my love/I don’t want to give her up”, this song brings to life complex, tangled emotions while the music adds compelling atmosphere. Steel Notes Magazine 59