Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 58

Steel Notes Magazine Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 Issue Album Review Barb Wire Dolls “Desperate” Review By: Dana Saravia- Life-long rock & roller, current music critic and Girl From Baltimore As a punk rock fan since the 70s, I’m always hoping to hear a current band who works authentically with those influences and can bring that raw power and reckless energy into the current music scene. It’s an even greater rarity when a band can also bring a hard-edged female perspective to their lyrics, singing and songcraft. However, The Barb Wire Dolls do all that and more with their new album “Desperate”. The ferocious song “Drown” starts off the album. Featuring the throaty vocals of lead singer Isis Queen, a tight rhythm section and snarly guitar work from lead guitarist Pyn Doll and rhythm guitarist Remmington, it’s a kickass introduction to the band. “Surreal” immediately follows. The pacing, instrumentation and melodic chorus on this song brings to mind a lost track off Nirvana’s “Incesticide” sung by Babes In Toyland’s Kat Bjelland—an addictive and unique combination. “Take Me Home” features some standout drumming from Krash Doll and on point bass playing from Iriel Blaque adding atmosphere to the chaos and fury to this powerful song about a prostitute’s life. The fourth track “Heart Attack” has a sound and tone reminiscent of one of my favourite bands, 7 Year Bitch. With lyrics such as “Some say there’s no way/But we’ll take a shot” and “We are young/We are strong/We are the ones/Here we come”, their boldness and fuck it confidence are evident here. A fine example of defiant punk rock at its best. The title track makes good use of the grunge era loud/soft dynamic with this take on a relationship turned sour. Sounding like a scream from a wounded heart, it’s a raw and intimate song that brings fresh blood to a familiar subject. 58 Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016