Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 56

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Concert News Allentown Masonic Temple Tribute To 50 Years - John Mayall & The Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton Join Friar’s Point Band & “Special Guests” to pay tribute to the British Blues Invasion of 1966 by the Fabulous John Mayall & The Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton... This is the 50th anniversary of the release of this album which helped shape the future of Blues and Rock & Roll... Friar’s Point Band has a heavy influence of John Mayall & The Blues Breakers and has invited their friends to join them on stage to celebrate this anniversary... Don’t miss this opportunity to see many of your favorite performers along with Friar’s Point Band for an afternoon of high energy rockin’ blues in tribute to this momentous occasion!!! Hope to see you there!!! Guests Joining Friar’s Point Band On Stage Will Be: Craig Thatcher Wade Leonard Don Plowman Dana Gaynor Charlie Brown Jenn McCracken Mike Dugan Mike Guldin Johnny T Karl Frick Bob Hogan Don Hoffman The Beano Horns The Lesson Center Kids Glenn “Mitch” Mitchell - 99.9 FM The Hawk A.J. Fritz - 91.3 FM WLVR Produced by, The Friars Point Band & Thirteen Butterflies Productions. Thank you to the Lesson Center for your support of this event. * The venue is not handicap accessible..Sorry for the inconvenience.. Click Here to Find Tickets 56 Steel Notes Magazine