Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 50

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 it The Cowboy and the Brown-eyed Saloon girl. If you havn’t figured out what that means yet then I cannot help you. I wrote the Poem based on My saloon girl having brown eyes. Jessica Morris is the lead actress and she has Sparkling blue eyes. She can really penetrate you with those eyes. I have never seen anything like it. She can be kind but Just don’t get on her bad side. Those eyes can make you run. Did I tell you that I fell off my horse? Well now you know. One scene that I have is running up on my horse to tell the marshall that I spotted the Bad guy. Chritian is not really a bad guy, the marshall is but we didn’t know that right away. Dammit I done went and spoiled it for you. Sorry about that. Did I mention how Purdy Jessica Morris eyes are? You don’t want to miss that. Well, I was running up to the marshall to tell him I spotted Johnny, (That is Christian Boeving character) and I fell clean off my hoss. The only thing that hurt me was my pride. I almost fell off the second time and by that time everyone was ready to give up on me. I shouted out, “I got this!! I got this!!” Third time is charm right? you better believe that after the third time I got a standing ovation. Some called me a natural born actor. I think I have found my calling. That is all I will tell you about the movie right now, you will just have to wait. Sorry to cut this short but I am a day late with my article and I don’t want to piss my editor off or there will be a showdown and I will have to be out of town by sundown. Hey.....Can I get some butter here for my popcorn!! 50 Steel Notes Magazine