Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 49 Steel Notes Magazine that he was writing a western and was stuck. Writers tend to get stuck on a story now and then, You are preaching to the choir here. I have a book published called Restless hearts, a Poetry book and one particular poem is a western called, The Cowboy and the Brown-Eyed Saloon girl. No not that kind of Brown Eye, get your head out of the gutter. I have been ribbed for that title more than I can count. Well it is staying rather you like it or not. Anyway, I sent that epic poem to John and he liked it so much he decided that he wanted to make a film of it. The production started mid August and I was on a plane to Reno Nevada. It was a fun trip out I will never forget. After a four hour layover in sunny San Diego I killed time at the Airport people watching. San Diego has the smallest airport I have ever seen in my life. Just a circle you can walk around the whole thing in Four minutes. It was hilarious. They have great food and drinks though. The highlight of my layover was watching a woman eat about thirty Licorice candy sticks. Thank goodness she didn’t sit next to me on the plane.... Barf! I finally met John in Reno and had the pleasure of meeting the whole cast the next day. John didn’t tell me at first who the cast was and I got the surprise of my life. There were a few local actors but the biggest surprise was some fine Hollywood Actors that I not only had the pleasure of meeting but rode with me in my rental car. Sitting right next to me was none other than the beautiful and the very talented Jessica Morris. lucky can one get? I didn’t know how to act but I must have done something right because I didn’t scare them off. Christian Boeving was another actor straight out of Hollywood. We hit it off real good. Jessica and Christian are so down to earth and I am glad I got to meet them. It’s almost like we are good friends now...and we are! I also had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Soss, another aspiring actress. Jessica Soss kept me in tears the whole production. Not that she made me cry but she made me laugh. She is good people to be around. The whole production went well and the weather was perfect. We shot the film on location where John Wayne made his very last movie before he passed away. Washoe Lakes State Park was the name of the place. It was so beautiful there and you could actually see wild mustang running around on the side of the mountain. Lake Tahoe was close by but I did not get to visit because we were on limited time. Cast call started at 4 am and didn’t let up until it got dark. I never knew Acting could be so hard. Kudos to all actors. I will not elaborate on what the movie is about because I don’t want to spoil it, just know that it is going to be good. The Name of the Movie is called Destiny. Yes, John did not want to call Steel Notes Magazine 49