Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 48

Steel Notes Magazine Johnny's Junction MAMA I GREW UP TO BE A COWBOY I always dreamed of being a cowboy since I was a young lad growing up in Atlanta Georgia. I would watch all my favorite westerns and then I would sink into my cowboy mode and dress up in my finest cowboy outfit the best I could. We were poor so I didn’t own a horse. I took the finest broom we had and that was my horse. I would gallop that broom all over the neighborhood until we were both worn and tired. I would dip my horse in mud puddles and stoop down and drink some of that murky water right alongside my pardner. I would later get spanked with that same broom for ruining it. I went through a few fine horses and butt whoopings for the next few years of my young life. It all ended when I got tired of the butt whoopings. I still love a good cowboy movie now and then, Tombstone is now my all time favorite right up there with John Wayne’s True Grit. Forty five years later and my dream came true. I am a cowboy. Well not really per se, I just got lucky enough to play a cowboy posse in a movie produced by my good friend John Pocino. I met John a couple of years ago through a mutual Facebook friend. John is a great writer and a fine producer. I often followed his post’s and one day he posted 48 Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016