Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 42

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 people only hear what they want to hear. They will remember his few insane moments and totally disregard his incredibly accurate, damning speeches and quotes that are in the same class as some very learned men. I will say this with no hesit ation, fact is I agree with almost everything he says. Go look up the police reports and go through all the evidence. Review the case and trial yourself. There was a serious mistrial. There was evidence excluded that would have him walking free and false evidence included to get him convicted. Manson had nothing to do with it. Tex Watson killed all 7 of the victims, it was a drug deal gone bad. It’s not hard to put all the pieces together if you don’t buy into all the propaganda. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am a huge fan of Charles Manson, this is entirely to do with the fact that I am an even bigger fan of the truth and justice. And even more sadly, tragically and pathetically, this continues even into 2016 as stated in a recent article“Technically, he never murdered anybody, but the way people look at Manson is that he is such a charismatic individual that had the ability to control people. Essentially, all of his followers were doing his bidding. They were doing what he wanted them to do, when he wanted them to do it, how he wanted to do it. His followers were an extension of him.” How ABSOLUTELY ABSURD and SIMPLEMINDED, VAPID and IDIOTIC is this quote and what we have been continuously told and shown to us by the media over the last 47 years, and they are still at it, if you want to get a knee jerk reaction out of someone, mention “Adolph Hitler” or “Charles Manson” and people’s minds, perceptions, intelligence and perspective just shut down. I have thought to include an address for anyone who wishes to correspond with Charles Manson, before it’s too late. He is in his 80’s and time is the enemy. Not sure if the address is valid any longer but all the information I gathered says it is; From the website. If you wish to contact Charles Manson by mail, please be aware that all out-going and in-coming mail to the prison is read and examined by CDCR staff. Please do not send cash by mail. The best way to put money on Charlie’s account is to use credit or debit card at (California DOCR, Inmate ID # b33920) for an automatic transfer. As of April 2015, inmates cannot receive checks or money orders sent directly to the prison. To send check or money order, go to and print the money order deposit slip. Charlie’s mailing address is: Charles Manson B-33920 P.O. Box 3456 H.U.A.-22 Corcoran, CA 93212 Below are most of the sources I used to confirm the information in this article; Neon Nettle CIA Miles W. Mathis Bobby Beausoleil interview by Truman Capote Mae Brussels Hester Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi New York Daily News The Tate Murders - The Monsters Dupe Us Again TyrannyNewsNetwork Youtube 42 Steel Notes Magazine