Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 41 Steel Notes Magazine constitutional rights, his dignity, his basic human rights, his integrity and his humanity. Created as a monster, as the worst person in history since Hitler, as the greatest and most evil mass murderer of all time. The state and the government and the 15 and people invested in the Private Military Industrial Complex needed to end the reign of the Hippies. The word which came to my mind was “patsy” a term I heard for the first time in November 1963 uttered by that day’s scapegoat, Lee Harvey Oswald. Charles Manson was a patsy and perhaps at the time part Manchurian Candidate. Charles Manson killed nobody in the Sharon Tate home or in the LaBianca home. He was being charged with these murders and he didn’t kill any one of those seven people. He was used. He was a person who had been in jail twenty-two of his thirty-two years of life. He was the product of our penal system. He was not a hippie or a part of the youth culture. They bought him a guitar, let his hair grow, put a leather jacket on him, gave him money, gave him a bus and credit cards, and told him to do his thing. Charles Manson was a part of our penal system, and also a part of our Federal penal system, where today through declassified documents, testimony before congress and the senate and Freedom of Information, that he was shaped by the CIA and FBI and the state, and then he was used till they were done with him, and then he was buried by the corrupt prosecutorial judicial as a product of our penal system and buried by the media in the same way the media used the 9/11 story to bury Osama Bin Laden. He was used as the big sledge hammer to slam down and smash the hippies forever, and they succeeded. The truth is out there if you care to find it. Charles Manson was at worst, a victim and patsy of the most implausible, ramshackle, fourth rate totally HEARSAY and a whiff of circumstantial evidence, they don’t even allow hearsay evidence on Judge Judy…. at best he was 1000% completely innocent. He was used in the worst way as the sacrificial lamb to damn and end the hippies and their mantra and life style of love and peace and rock & roll and drugs (drugs courtesy of american government) and portray them as the ultimate evil. The sacrificial lamb in the disguise of a madman. I do hope you take the time to explore and research this subject. On December 6, 1969 was the concert at The Altamont Speedway Free Festival and the murder of Meredith Curly Hunter Jr. by the Hell’s Angels, to put the final nail into the coffin of the love and hippie generation and movement. When I started this article, I wanted to challenge what I believed and knew, I actually sought information other than from the Prosecutor or from the mass media that would prove me wrong and show me Charles Manson was guilty as charged…I looked, I read, I studied and I immersed myself completely in facts, the actual court proceedings and trial transcripts … and you know what, I still haven’t seen, read, or heard any proof that he is guilty of anything! No matter how hard I research the past, the only thing that seems to say he is guilty is the state, the media, and public opinion due to the media. Manson did not kill anyone and it is only the defense of the actual killers, that Manson had ordered them to do it. This is purely the defense trying to distance the guilty from responsibility and to implicate Manson as doing the same as the murderers and that Manson receives as harsh a sentence as mass murderers simply based on those murderer’s second hand hearsay and very flimsy if any circumstantial evidence that he told them to do it... a prosecution like this would not even work on The Judge Judy show to find someone guilty of anything. The very last point I want to bring up is that throughout this article there are events and facts, and circumstances that suggest strongly Charlie Manson was CIA and worked whether willingly or unwillingly for the government. I have found no definitive proof either way, I cited the facts as they exist. The one thing I will say is, if you watch Manson’s interviews, and really listen, he is quite clearly very knowledgeable and intelligent for someone who barely ever went to school. He can speak on any subject and will always make a strong point. He seems to enjoy every once in a while to throw in things like making faces, or saying crazy off the wall dialog to throw you off, all the while knowing exactly what he is doing. Unfortunately, Steel Notes Magazine 41