Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 4

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Show Review SANDS EVENT CENTER JULY 21st 2016 Huey Lewis And The News Show by Noah J Gambino, Photos Bob Klein © If “The Heart of Rock N Roll” is the beat, I would say Huey Lewis and The News, get it right. Huey, a San Francisco based native, has his musical roots in the Blues and Doo Wop, with a heavy back beat. Catchy hooks, great melodies and excellent musicianship are what you get at a Huey Lewis show. No, Huey doesn’t wear a fancy suit, spandex pants, or a tie with lights in it, but just a tee shirt and jeans work great for him. He is witty, fun, and is just simply “one of the guys”. I did talk to his main guy Johnny Colla, songwriter, saxophonist, guitar player, and his arranger. Johnny simply said to me- “Que Paso” It’s just another day at the races! The band has a new album coming out with some new material, which they played some tracks from at the show. Huey stated that he would be happy to play the old hits all night long, but the band “insisted” that they also d 6RWpFW&ࠣ@7FVVFW2vPwwr7FVVFW6vR6Р