Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 35 Steel Notes Magazine This is from The NY Daily News; LOS ANGELES, March 29, 1971 — The three young girls who confessed to murder without remorse, and the man described as their “satanic” master, must die in the gas chamber for the Tate and LaBianca killings. Neither Charles Manson nor his three followers were in the courtroom as the death penalties were read. They were ousted by Judge Charles H. Older when they interrupted the proceedings. The death penalties for Leslie Van Houten, 21, Susan Atkins, 22, Patricia Krenwinkel, 23, and Manson, 36, were returned by their jurors at 4:25 p.m. today, after 10 hours of deliberation. With all four defendants listening over a public address system, Darrow read seven death penalties for Manson, Miss Atkins and Miss Krenwinkel, two death penalties for Miss Van Houten, and death penalties for all on conspiracy to commit murder. This probably was the first murder trial of such importance in which the defendants were not present to hear their verdicts. It was also believed to be the first in which a judge, after the jurors were polled, left the bench and shook the hands of the jurors, seven men and five women, and the three alternates. The jurors based their verdicts on evidence presented during a nine-week penalty phase of the trial that was as bizarre, full of unprecedented events, and as dramatic as the 32-week guilty-or-innocence phase preceding it. In a final statement, the girls said Manson knew nothing about the killings, and that it was the girls alone who decided to commit “copy-cat” murders in an attempt to free their “brother” in the Manson family, Bobby (Cupid) Beausoleil, from prison for the murder of Gary Hinman. Judge Older set April 19 for sentencing, and said he would also listen then to defense motions for a new trial and for reduction of sentence. The judge has the power to reduce the death penalty to life imprisonment. Appeals from death sentences are automatic in California. When you look over this whole debacle of a trial which is rife with loads of no brainer appeals, mistrials, acquittals, prejudiced polluted jury pool, prosecutor and defense attorney indicted for 3 counts of perjury each, Charlie not permitted to represent himself, Charlie was not permitted Habeas Corpus, Charlie was not permitted to testify with the jury present, there were clear signs of planted evidence, witnesses who were bribed, witnesses who were not called to testify by the defense, in fact, THEY HAD NO DEFENSE TEAM AT ALL, they were all plants except for perhaps Hughes, who was murdered at the end of the prosecution’s phase of the trial. There was ONLY hearsay and secondhand hearsay evidence, flimsy circumstantial evidence, admission by prosecution that defendant was not present at either murder scene and did not participate in any way with the actual murders and there was absolutely no evidence linking him to any of the murders. There was one appeal and that was in 1976 and was denied. People V Manson (see below) … He has been imprisoned since 1969. He has been denied parole 12 times and will not be considered for it again until 2027, when he would be 92. It is sad, but undoubtedly true, that parole boards are political bodies that base decisions as much upon anticipated public reaction to their decisions as on a careful review of a parole applicant’s prison record and statements. Steel Notes Magazine 35