Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 34

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 with no morals or any conscience, who were also cold blood killers who were said to have cut a baby out of a pregnant woman’s belly when she was in her eighth month of pregnancy, which if you look at the crime scene photos and read the coroner’s report IS NOT TRUE AT ALL. The prosecutor goes on to accuse Manson of “brainwashing” the killers and the rest of “the family” in a cult-like setting. The murders were allegedly carried out in order to start this “Helter Skelter race war”, whereupon the members of “the family” would then find a bottomless pit to hide in until the war was over and they emerged to rule the new world. Thus, the murders were all Manson’s fault because he brainwashed the killers and then instructed them to kill the victims. This motive theory is completely false, implausible, absurd and absolutely laughable, so much so that you KNOW it HAD TO COME FROM THE CIA/FBI. From The NY Daily News Los Angeles, Jan. 25 - Charles Manson was convicted today as the “diabolical” dictator who ordered seven murders and his three girl co- defendants were found guilty as the “mindless but bloodthirsty zombies” who butchered actress Sharon Tate and others at his command. All four were convicted of first degree murder and now face life imprisonment or the gas chamber. The defendants sat like stones - silent and expressionless - as they heard the court clerk read aloud the 27 verdicts and heard their seven men and five women juror individually agree that this was their true verdict. Only Manson called out, remaining seated in his chair, as the jurors left the trial room. “How come we were not allowed to put on a defense?” he said, in a low but clear voice. Then, staring at Judge Charles H. Older, he called to him: “You won’t outlive that, old man - dad - hey dad - look at the truth over here. Hey!” Then, walking out of the trial room surrounded by guards, Manson again paused as he passed the bench of the 52-year-old judge and said: “You’ll never live to see the day.” The Tate-LaBianca jurors also found Manson, 36; Patricia Krenwinkel, 23; Susan Atkins, 22, and Leslie Van Houten, 21, guilty of what the prosecutor said was a “chilling, unearthly conspiracy to commit wanton orgy of murder.” Leslie was charged only with the murders of Mr. and Mrs. Leno LaBianca, and with conspiracy. The others, including Manson, who was not accused of actually killing any of the victims, were charged with all seven murders and with conspiracy. The jurors, who took 42 hours 40 minutes to agree. Manson’s attorney, Irving Kanarek, denounced the trial as “entertainment for the public.” He accused former District Attorney Evelle Younger, recently elected state attorney-general, having “created pre-trial publicity to win the election.” “It is incredible, beyond belief ,” the lawyer said, “that a criminal trial should have been used for political purposes.” The announcement that the jurors had reached a verdict was made in as weird a fashion as everything else in this weird trial. Reporters sitting in the trial room heard only one buzz, the signal that means the jurors had a question or wanted coffee. The regular verdict signal is three buzzes, which can be heard plainly in the trial room. “There’s a verdict,” they whispered to some of the reporters. It was learned that Judge Older, rather casually, had said to them: “By the way, gentleman, you should know the jury has a verdict.” 34 Steel Notes Magazine