Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 33 Steel Notes Magazine seven victims in this case. However, the joint responsibility rule of conspiracy makes him guilty of all seven murders. Since Charles Manson was not one of the actual killers of the seven victims, and since Susan Atkins was not one of the killers of Mr. and Mrs. LaBianca, under what rule of law are they guilty of these murders? Manson is guilty of all seven counts of murder under the vicarious liability rule of conspiracy. It is also called the joint responsibility rule of conspiracy. “When you go back to that jury room you may consider this as circumstantial evidence against Manson, Atkins, and Krenwinkel on the LaBianca murders. Bugliosi, who labeled Manson as “diabolical” and the girls as “mindless but bloodthirsty zombies” in his summation to the jury on January 15 th , said the trial was filled with “drama and excitement.” He said that despite the pretrial publicity, the “jury is 12 people from our community who made up their minds solely on the evidence.” So many people are curious and confused about Charles Manson they really don’t know that he killed no one, that there was no evidence linking him to any of the murders. They have been brainwashed to believe he is the worst serial killer in american history. They just don’t understand what happened to Manson. The district attorney who prosecuted Manson’s case used people as his witnesses that were bribed and/or threatened. For example, his star witness was a young woman (who was present at both nights of murder) who received immunity from murder charges in exchange for her testimony against Manson. The only way a case could be made against Manson was to bring him in on the crimes through conspiracy. The district attorney, with the help of bribed witnesses, attention seeking witnesses, a circus and style media that sensationalized every bad point about every bad person or event in the history of the hippies and placed it all on the shoulders of Charles Manson. Bugliosi then constructed the motive theory of “Helter Skelter” out of thin air, threw in parts about a race war, there were secret messages in Beatles albums, the Black Panthers, a group of kids who did nothing but participate in lurid drug crazed sex orgies and devil worshipping hedonistic low life bums Steel Notes Magazine 33