Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 30

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 the SAME judge, who would NOT grant a change of venue even with all the negative publicity leading up to the trial and who when Kasabian was about to be cross-examined the trial was shaken by comment from an unexpected source. President Richard M. Nixon told reporters in Denver, Colorado, “Manson was guilty, directly or indirectly of eight murders.” Nixon’s remarks were meant to criticize what he perceived as a tendency of the media to glorify criminals, and the White House quickly issued a statement denying any intent to prejudice the case. Nevertheless, Manson’s defense, arguing that such a statement by the president made a fair trial impossible, motioned for a mistrial and demanded that the charges against him be dropped. Judge Older denied the motion. The next day in court, Manson stood and displayed a newspaper with the headline, “Manson Guilty, Nixon Declares.” Judge Older questioned the jurors about their reaction to the headline. Satisfied that they would remain impartial, he ordered the trial to resume and sentenced Atkins’ attorney, Daye Shinn, to three nights in jail for leaving the newspaper within Manson’s reach. So when court reconvened, all four defendants pitched another fit. They accused Older of doing away with Ronald Hughes. So the judge booted all of them out of the courtroom and carried on regardless. Hughes didn’t turn up again until March 29, 1971. A couple of fishermen found his body wedged between rocks in a gorge-like section of Sespe Creek. After four months in the water and weather, his remains were in such a state, they had to be identified by means of dental X-rays. The autopsy couldn’t determine the cause of death. It was ultimately ruled ‘Undetermined’ and the Sheriff decided to call it an accidental drowning, something he defended to the bitter end by the way. This is a list of the most important witnesses called by the prosecutor in no particular order; • Linda Kasabian killer given immunity for all 5 murders • Ruby Pearl the manager of the ranch working for Mr. Spahn • Barbara Hoyt former Family member • Harold True, the owner of a home near the Labianca residence where Charlie and the family stayed for a while before the Labianca murders • Virginia Graham/Virginia Castro, cell mate of Susan Atkins • Paul Watkins, Family member and Manson’s foremost recruiter of young women • Juan Flynn, a Spahn Ranch worker • Al Springer • Danny DeCarlo a motorcycle gang member furnished police with tips about Manson • Shahrokh Hatami, friend of Sharon Tate and photographer who testified Manson came to the Tate home looking for Terry Melcher 30 Steel Notes Magazine