Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 23

Steel Notes Magazine John Kennedy’s assassination and successful coup d’état. This was his company in the final hours of his life before he was killed. John Lennon and Yoko Ono bought the same set of apartments used as the set for Rosemary’s Baby, which was filmed by Sharon Tate’s husband Roman Polanski just a year before Tate was murdered. Yoko Ono was planning to give birth to son Sean Lennon, and of all the places which she would choose to live would be the same apartment where dead Sharon Tate’s husband Polanski shot a film about a mother and her newborn baby being abused by a satanic cult. They knew Tate and Polanski and actress Mia Farrow (central character in Rosemary’s Baby) well before the murders. They were all in India with Mia Farrow in a huge family get together with the Lennon’s’, Farrow’s, and everyone’s brothers and sisters there doing a TM retreat in Rishikesh right after the filming of Rosemary’s Baby wrapped up in 1968. The Beatles wrote the theme song of Helter Skelter there together with Mike Love of The Beach Boys in 1968, the year before the song became associated with Manson. When Charlie Manson came along, he was the chemical messiah. He had been arrested thirty-seven times in his thirty-five years and not even once for any violent crime. Charlie and his followers could become lawless and amoral and throw around their sex and their bodies, and they latched on to what he calls the “chemical messiah.” Now, you have to ask yourself, for people with NO MONEY, who bought the LSD and the chemicals? Did our government pay Charlie’s way? His bus? His gas? The Spahn Ranch where the Family lived? It’s important to understand how hard it was at the time for an ex con, especially one who had been out of circulation to get back into the mai nstream of what was happening. He came out of prison with nothing. He could play the guitar and sing and had nothing else. So where did everything come from that allowed him to recruit people almost at will, supply them with a never ending supply of drugs and give them food and a place to live. I know it HAD to have been all handed to him. The government brought it to him and put on his costume; his leather coat and his guitar and sent him on the road. But to what end did these means justify? Steel Notes Magazine 23