Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 22

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Before I actually go into the Manson part of this story there are facts that need to be brought into the light that 99% of people do not know. It is the first week of August, 1964, and U.S. warships under the command of U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison have allegedly come under attack while patrolling Vietnam’s Tonkin Gulf. This event, subsequently dubbed the ‘Tonkin Gulf Incident,’ will result in the immediate passing by the U.S. Congress of the obviously pre-drafted Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which will, in turn, quickly lead to America’s deep immersion into the bloody Vietnam quagmire. Before it is over, well over fifty thousand American bodies – along with literally millions of Southeast Asian bodies – will litter the battlefields of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison was coincidentally the father of the Lizard King himself, Jim Morrison. Opposition to the Vietnam War and the draft peaked in 1968/1969. There was close to a full, all-out mutiny at The Presidio/Fort Baker base where the fathers of both Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger worked in military intelligence. Dozens of armed U.S. soldiers from the Presidio marched in a San Francisco peace rally against the Vietnam War which culminated at The Presidio/Fort Baker base. Sharon Tate’s father is Colonel Paul Tate. Abigail Folger, murdered alongside Sharon Tate in the same house that night, had similar ties to U.S. military intelligence. Her father is Peter Folger, Major Peter Folger, who was a marines major/ military intelligence officer (Associate Chief Information Officer) with the famous Black Sheep marine fighting squadron 214 stationed out of Hawaii in WWII. Another amazing and unknown coincidence is that the night before the California Primary, the night before his assassination, Robert Kennedy went to a dinner party at Cielo Drive with Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski, Abigail Folger, and John Frankenheimer. Coincidentally, tragically and sadly, he ate his last meal with two of the victim’s of the Manson family, the director of Rosemary’s Baby - a movie about Satanic ritual - and another director who made the Manchurian Candidate - a movie about mind control, and Seven Days In May, another movie that is based on 22 Steel Notes Magazine