Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 21 Steel Notes Magazine that the hippies were non consumers, they believed in sharing not selling, dropping out and living off the land in communes. It began that way in San Francisco with the Diggers and the free clinic etc., etc.. More importantly, they believed in love not confrontation, they believed in peace not war, and this anti-war stance of the new generation was going to hurt war as america’s biggest business and as the biggest money generator. This couldn’t be allowed to happen. It is known that the FBI created an entire mission around infiltrating and discrediting the anti-war movement. See COINTELPRO, which is not a conspiracy theory. It is declassified and common knowledge today. The FBI was not just spying under COINTELPRO. Its stated goal, according to Hoover, was “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” any anti-war group, including hippies, socialists, the civil right est road to truth is keeping an open movement, the and forgetting 99% of what you have NAACP, AIM, the d in the past from stories, the media National Lawyers story Guild, Martin ” King and even Colacci Albert Einstein. At the same time, the CIA had its own version of COINTELPRO, called OPERATION CHAOS. Again, this is not a conspiracy theory any longer, it is now admitted by the CIA. It is known that CHAOS was started by Johnson in 1967 and then expanded by Nixon in 1969. It was directed by Richard Helms. Nixon also linked COINTELPRO and CHAOS. Both these covert operations were offshoots of MK ULTRA OPERATION MIDNIGHT CLIMAX, MK-NAOMI, Operation Mockingbird and experiments and work being done right there in Laurel Canyon at the Air Force Base Laboratory known as Lookout Mountain. The cover was that the facility was used mostly to make military propaganda movies and films on the Atomic Bombs and PSA announcements. Steel Notes Magazine 21