Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 157 Steel Notes Magazine hooyoosay - The Wrong Kind of People This one is fun. It sounds like a cheeky TV jingle. If you’ve ever gone to a weird party with the wrong types of people (call the fashion police) then this song will make the most sense. It’s a playfully celebration of diversity. It’s ok to be different or “wrong” as stated in the song but no one is really better than the rest so it’s ok to show up to your aunt’s funeral in a clown suit (as long as Mike Daly and The Planets aren’t there with their anti-clown anthem). Even though we may be the wrong kind of people, hooyoosay says, “It’s Fine” and I agree. See you at Aunt Myrtle’s funeral. The Accelerators - Sun Surf and Sand I heard them say, SEASIDE HEIGHTS! Everyone knows that NJ invented the boardwalk and all the shenanigans that take place down the shore every year and The Accelerators give us a solid theme to play while we check out the beaches and chill down by the sea. The straight ahead oldschool warm and fuzzy punk coupled with pop sensible melodies really make this track sparkle and I’d love to see it used somewhere to advertise all that is fun down the shore. Rock on! Steel Notes Magazine 157