Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 156

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Mia Moravis - A Spy For Love A spy theme for love. Mia Moravis gives us an official theme for when we’re creeping hard for love. No, it’s not a stalker theme, but gives us the impression that no matter what, Mia Moravis will do what it takes to get true love as she openly sings, I’m A Spy For Love. The song has a great middles section buildup that showcases the strong song arrangement. If you were ever a sleuth in search of love in all of the wrong places, “A Spy For Love” is your song. Tune in at 365 Radio Network Pamela Davis - Don’t Look Back A War Song. You don’t have to be a veteran, but you might relate to this tune. We’ve all fought battles that have felt like open warfare and this song reminds us to keep moving forward despite the opposition. Firefighters, Police and anyone who has ever worn a uniform in defense of others will feel this one. The frantic yet steady pace of the drums sets the ominous tone of this song but also works together with the words giving the ultimate sense of prosody. If you need a song of encouragement during a time of strife, “Don’t Look Back” by Pamela Davis is for you. 156 Steel Notes Magazine