Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 152

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 she’s got her eye on me, just poised to snatch me up and wrap her cuffs around me. In Pamela Davis’ Don’t Look Back, her overdriven fuzz-drenched guitar reacquaints me with the feeling I have every time I see the blue lights blazing behind me. I try her advice, but you know what they say: if you make eye contact, they’ve got you. License and registration, please! I may have noted previously that hooyoosay sound like they’re at some kind of eternal dance party in their minds. The Wrong Kind Of People is a happy-go-larky tune, driven by artists who thought they had a map, but damned if they can find the glove box to check it. The Accelerators invite us to their drop-top drive-along, on the lookout for Sun Surf And Sand. Mind your MPH, fellows – and keep the SPF handy. Imagine if Neil Young had sung about The Ramones instead of Johnny Rotten. That’s the point of departure for The OneNeeders’ Ramones Rock. Three gears and a dream, barreling down the lost highway, eyes peeled for the last chance gas. Happy motoring, from yours truly, Gatemouth Wighat Label Web Page: Out Of The Garage Volume Two 1. Mark Lindsay - Show Me The Love 3:27 2. The Nolas - So Fine 3:15 3. Cheap Perfume - Boys 2:05 4. Mike Daly & The Planets - Kill A Clown (No, Not Really) 2:46 5. Susan SurfTone - Little Bit Lied To 2:43 6. Mia Moravis - A Spy For Love 2:34 7. Pamela Davis - Don't Look Back 4:00 8. hooyoosay - The Wrong Kind of People 3:09 9 .The Accelerators - Sun, Surf & Sand 1:51 10. The OneNeeders - Ramones Rock 2:59 152 Steel Notes Magazine