Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 151 Steel Notes Magazine Can’t say I agree with the sentiment (even with its parenthetical disclaimer), but that doesn’t stop the oil pan slickness of Mike Daly & The Planets motoring through Kill A Clown (No, Not Really). These guys make music that purrs like a kitten with a tiger in its tank, meanwhile apparently knowing a million ways to kill clowns wherever they are encountered. I love my car, I love my guitar, I love you but you broke my heart when you took me to the beach and didn’t give me what you promised – the story in a nutshell in A Little Bit Lied To from Susan SurfTone. A rock-blocked engine drop on love’s lost highway, with heartache in the rearview. Mia Moravis and her tune A Spy For Love makes me feel like I’m in a cartoon car from the past, slinking around corners late at night, doing the perviest things in the nicest way. I’ve never met her, but I feel like Steel Notes Magazine 151