Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 139 Steel Notes Magazine and sweet with fluid rhythm! It’s hard not to get hooked on this song! Produced, written, directed and edited by Scott Marshall. Web site: From London The UK, the Punk Rock band The Kut are back with a brand new music video “Bad Man”. From their album “Rock Paper Scissors” on record label Criminal Records. Okay, This song has a crunch that I can get addicted to even more than a Kit Kat bar… his song is fun, frisky and the punk sound I go for. This is truly something that would be in my CD collection and be played many, many times over! This is worth the listen to bring out your inner-fist pumping’ punk! I love it!! YES!!! Music Video Director: Mike Gripz Web Site: From Arizona Bruce Lev and his music video “Catwoman Returns ! “. This song was the most TOP 1 listened song on Bongo Boy iSpin Radio on New Visions Radio Network in the month of June’16. Kudos to Bruce !! Please, do not tell me that you do not love Dr. Lev! This man has a talent that is endless. His writing style is insane and absolutely the bomb! He never fails on anything he touches and the Steel Notes Magazine 139