Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 131 Steel Notes Magazine Jonathan Cavier is from Phoenix, AZ and brings us the video for his latest “Pearl”. This adult contemporary pop song features a warm acoustic sound over a mellow upbeat groove. The gentle islandtinged flow of this laid back song is perfect for summer. The video’s beach imagery further enhances the sunny vibe of this number. Video Director: Brad Wong Web Site: FB: Twitter: Los Angeles, CA’s Vernon Neilly is next with his latest “They Don’t Care”. A unique blend of blues, rap, and melodic hard rock backs raw, socially aware lyrics that criticize both the recent political climate and current events worldwide. News scenes of political and social unrest throughout the world are shown interspersed with scenes of the band’s energetic performance to create a powerful video for this song. Video Director: Agustine Motta Web Site: FB: Twitter: Rev. Peter Unger from Allentown, PA closes out this episode with “Memories Of God”. This contemporary worship song features Rev. Unger’s warm voice over gentle, acoustic instrumentation that relates God to current everyday life. The video features scenes of older people in their daily lives along with the song’s lyrics shown occasionally on screen throughout, helping to enhance the song’s personal message. Video Director: Lisa Koza Web Site: Every episode of Bongo Boy TV brings exposure and a bigger audience for each of these very talented independent artists. Steel Notes Magazine 131