Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 129 Steel Notes Magazine Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show Episode 1083 “The Freedom Of Music” Synopsis By: Dana Saravia—Life-long rock & roller, current music critic and Girl From Baltimore The Bongo Boy Rock N' Roll TV Show is proud to present the latest episode in their Rock N' Roll TV Show series, "The Freedom Of Music” featuring 7 talented independent international recording artists in 1 special ½ hour TV show. This Bongo Boy TV produced episode premiered in this summer on all channels in the Bongo Boy TV National Region. For a complete broadcast schedule, please visit Starting off this episode is Jacksonville, MO’s Rock Road Rebels with their latest “Freedom In Our Eyes”. Country and arena rock mix to create this driving mid-tempo number that celebrates the United States, its history and citizens. The down home feel and patriotic flavour of this tune make it a fine 4th of July song. The visual imagery of the band performing intercut with scenes of them visiting historical monuments is the perfect fit for the song. Video Director: Larry Gann Web Site: FB: Twitter: Ireland’s Colette Kavanagh is next with “Hold On”. Dramatic piano provides the intro to this adult contemporary, soft rock song. Colette’s strong and haunting vocals are the centerpiece of this lush, emotional ballad. Simple yet effective visuals of Colette singing and looking directly into the camera add to the warmth and intimacy of this number. Video Director: Aidan Farrelly. Web Site: FB: Twitter: Steel Notes Magazine 129