Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 125 Steel Notes Magazine New York City’s The Young Presidents filmed the video for “Loner” in their home city. The band has a 1990’s alternative vibe while still maintaining a current sound. The video centers on a young dancer who struggles under negative influence. She only finds herself after stumbling upon the band’s performance location. The scene symbolizes the bands’ lyrics “I wasn’t special until I found you.” The song is catchy and the video is well directed by Daniel Jackson. Music Director: Daniel Jackson Website: Bro oklyn’s Turner Jackson Love epitomizes the house party scene in “Red Plastic Cup.” The Hip Hop artist appears to have found himself musically and projects an air of up beat fun with his latest song. Who hasn’t had a drink in a good old red plastic cup? Love’s energy is infectious but he is no slouch when it comes to being serious. The video contrasts the two sides of the artist, a life of the party individual and a seasoned performer in a sound stage. Music director: Cinema Raven Web Site: Steel Notes Magazine 125