Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 119

Steel Notes Magazine Just when you thought Auto Tune was done to death, it’s prominent in Falling, a music video from Switzerland’s Michael Resin featuring Benjamin Karmer. I don’t know what they’re saying in the brief rap spoken in French, but it may be the analog to the Child Is The Father To The Man aspect of the video. I let my imagination wander along with these starcrossed lovers who have somehow fallen and are seeking help to get back up…together? This is rough stuff: Can U Feel by Waheed Ahmad, featuring Cassani & Sadiyah, totally obscures hope and comprehension by using every special effect available in the video toolbox, over a track that is drenched and dripping with every special effect available from the audio toolbox. I really do appreciate the energy they’ve put into the creative process, but just because you’re invited to the smorgasbord doesn’t mean you expect that it’s all you can eat. Here comes some straightforward positive upliftment from the group Inches From Sin and their music video I’ve Seen Better Days. First of all, I really appreciate the accents from the brass section, and the tasty – Celeste? Glockenspiel? Xylophone? – keyboard is very cheerful, despite the theme of the video, which is looking back to your past and remembering all the joy of your youth. Bonus music video linkage: The cat playing the Gibson Explorer just about blows the roof off the auditorium with his last-solo-before-final-bell fieriness. Easily the best music video in this episode – hats-off to the artists! Steel Notes Magazine 119