Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 118

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Let’s have a look at the latest submissions from Episode 1088 of Bongo Boy Rock ‘n’ Roll TV, available for you to watch wherever you consume & celebrate independent music television. just as much Satan as the devil himself! BellVex gets this episode started with Famous – chock-a-block with nervous male-in-ahoodie video energy and a message song that blames the girl for throwing in her lot with the Devil for fifteen minutes of fame. You’re so effing sinister, look in a mirror and tell me what you see – you’re The Young Presidents – Loner – is this whole show is having a common theme? – blame the woman who doesn’t fit your ideals. The YPs have wrapped up their message in jangly guitars, scruffy beards, and fleeting harmonies – yes, summoning the California soft country pop of the ‘70s-era Eagles to add flavor to a room full of Mumford Sonrises. 118 affairs. Steel Notes Magazine The Solo Cup Company must be extra delighted to know — Turner Jackson has immortalized its ubiquitous Red Plastic Cup in a video anthem. In a concrete Brooklyn basement, the cups of “jungle juice” are used to fuel old school roller skating, naked streaking, beautiful people shimmying, and something going on upstairs where the girls are screaming, trying something “new.” Sounds like fun with a bouncy beat, but I usually take my man-bun and run from such iffy