Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 11

Steel Notes Magazine JV: In art school in Stockholm in the early 80s my teacher of photography and mentor was one of the best fine art photographers of Sweden. From him I learnt to take photography seriously. He let me share his darkroom, spent many long nights there printing black and white, I’m a good printer. In the early 80s I shot a lot of rock bands in Sweden and NYC in clubs like Mudd Club and Peppermint Lounge. Funny thing is that some of the people i shot back then i’ve now become friends with in the last couple of years. MBW: From what I have gathered you definitely have your own majestic stance on whatever subject you are photographing ... I mean it’s never just a snap shot ... it is art !!! ... it’s difficult to put a finger on because it is extremely unique in each and every Johan Vipper picture I’ve seen and so that is why I hope you don’t mind my asking ... but what could possibly be going through your head as you approach your subject ... it somehow reminds me of how a lizard catches a fly with his tongue ??? JV: Exactly. It’s that special moment. I catch it. It’s intuitive. The Lizard King of Photography. Ha. MBW: Do you have any stories you would like to share of when you were a boy that may have been the beginnings of your inspiration to take pictures ??? JV: Learned the basics of photography from my father at the age of eleven. My dad had set up his own darkroom in the bathroom of our apartment. I really loved watching him developing film and printing black and white. Steel Notes Magazine 11