Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 106

Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 Poetry by Yvonne Sotomayor THE UNFORTUNATE TRUTH The unfortunate The entangled The mistaken The antagonized Woefully misbegotten Hurtling towards An untimely end One cannot listen While the other speaks Words that are untrue To the other’s liking Shameful and sad Angry and hurt Opposing each other Squared off in a duel Language of no hope Thickens the air Despair and no light Clench the stillness Regret and repentance Indignant hostility The end is so near For the dispute, i hope. 106 Steel Notes Magazine LA VERDAD DESAFORTUNADA A desafortunada La enredada La errónea El antagoniza Lamentablemente misbegotten A toda velocidad hacia Un final prematuro Uno no puede escu 6 ֖VG&2VRVG&&'&2VR66W'F0FVw&FFRG&fW&v6G&7FPVFW&FVW7F2VG&R<:Ф7VG&FVVGVVFPVwVRFRW7W&V&R6RW7W6FW6W7W&6;66W&WF"VWGV@W6"'&WVF֖VF7FƖFBFvF0fW7L:F6W&6&F7WFW7W&ࠠ