Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 103 Steel Notes Magazine Thus, being resilient does not just mean being able to resist the pressures of the environment but also to grow from them. Even if resilience does not make us invincible, it allows us to overcome difficulties. In this view, resilience is a priceless skill: Above all, it implies a positive trend, an ability to move forward despite the crisis, thanks to the reconstruction of a life path. Sometimes, in a given moment of life or when situations are too difficult to bear (generating instability), even those who have been resilient in the past can have difficulties in overcoming a particular event. Thus, although there is no doubt that the strength developed through past battles predisposes the individual to have greater awareness through his or her struggle, throughout every mom ent of our lives, we could be in seriously troubling situations that require us to reorganize our lives positively. Much research has been done to find the psychological traits of resilient people. In general, it has been shown that they find within themselves—in their human relationships and in the contexts of their lives—elements of strength to overcome adversity and develop skills to protect themselves against risk factors Looking at life optimistically and having good self-esteem, psychological hardness, positive emotions, the ability to adapt to new situations, and social support are all factors that contribute to increasing one’s resilience. However, the roads that we can take to increase our level of resilience are numerous. Unfortunately, resilience is not sold by the pound, otherwise I would be already in the queue at the store. Steel Notes Magazine 103