Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 101 easier. You have to advance or you'll re-gress. Besides it's so much easier to edit and record digitally. But still nothing sounds better than a Neeve and a 2 inch Studer. You are a radio promoter. Europe doesn’t really work the way America does in this business. Any change from the past? And how do you think the radio landscape will look in the future? Steel Notes Magazine Lucera. There was a table of Hershey bars, like 3 hundred of them. I knocked them all on the floor by accident. The Barista (bar tender) had a meltdown, needless to say I didn't finish my coffee! A: Europe has never had radio. I mean there is but it's all State controlled. There isn't any privately owned stations. That is one of my biggest beefs with the EU. The government controls everything which doesn't give the people their freedom. If there was private owned stations there, life would be much different for breaking new artists. How would you advise a young band that still dreams to be an important act? Do you think it’s still possible? If they were your kids, what would your honest suggestion be? A: Practice and create when you feel. As a golden rule we don't get involved in the writing process of anything. Let the band create and if it's solid you go from there. But the most important thing is to gig hard. A band that plays live has chops. What are the 5 things to do for a band that has a good record to release? A: Every record is different so you approach everything different. I really have to hear a record first and then create a set-up and go from there. Per say, you can't do what Morbid Angel did with another record. You can in some cases but...........You as a promo guy have to come up with something cool. What’s the funniest and worst anecdote you remember about your time in Italy/Europe? A: I guess in Italy stopping for a cup of coffee on the Highway (Autostrada) coming up from Steel Notes Magazine 101