Steel Notes Magazine September 2016 - Page 100

Steel Notes Magazine sure is the language of music is the same. Everywhere I go we see some of the most amazing bands and venues. Especially in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The metal scene is far surpassed than anywhere else in Europe with Some of the most amazing bands. Amorphis, Soilwork, Gorgorath. But if you look at Israel you have Orphaned Land and Melechesh. Italy has Rhapsody and Lacuna Coil.The Germans dominate with thrash too! Back to the US, let’s talk about your job and family there. I had the pleasure to meet your family and stay with you at your place. I’ll never forget your father, especially his kindness and strength. How did he influence your life? I know he was a fighter of the great generation. I guess you’ve always been inspired by him. Also, he was Italian. What’s the one thing he taught you that you will never forget? A: To work for what you want and don't back down from anything. It's a sign of weakness. So to persevere you must always move forward. Did your parents create an Italian atmosphere in your life as you were growing up? What do you remember the most about your youth, in relation to your Italian roots? Any particular party, holiday, custom that represented a classic Italian family living in New York? A: As a child they only spoke Italian in our house. Always at the dinner table and with with their friends. But when they went to work they spoke English unless it was with other Italians. I have always seen a lot of Italian musicians (or at least with Italian origins) in the metal scene. Do you think there is a reason for this? A: No not really, metal is an international 100 Steel Notes Magazine July & August 2016 language. Where someone is from seems to have influence as well as style. But if someone grew up with thrash then their biggest influences are who their hero's are. Yes the place you're in also has a lot to do with it. Look at Maurizio from Kataklysm and Ex Deo. He is Italian and writes some of the most brutal shit I've heard with taste. You are now a veteran of the music business. You have seen the best years and the worst ones. How is the music scene doing right now? What’s different from 30 years ago? How did the economic collapse and the after 9/11 affect the business? A: it's tough all over, but that has to do with a weak economy. Also file sharing is killing record sales. Not the government would so something logical like pass a solid anti file sharing bill. But that's why we are loosing millions in publishing and mechanicals due to that alone. But it will get better. But overall we are fine, artists and record labels need airplay. That's what we do and we are and established company. Reputation is everything in the music industry. In your opinion, is W62W7B'W6W72 6VBBv2&RvFW&W72fVVƖw2@FVvG3'F7BW7Bv2W&W72FV 7&VFfGFBw2vBBw2&WBFRW62खbWfW'Frv2vVW&2FVƖfRvVB&P&&r'WBFRW62GW7G'2'W6W72RfRF6V&V6&G26&V266FVRF'&rvBW62FFRf2FF6RFBFwBfR676f"FRW60FWWfW"7BआrFBFvFW626vRW63FRF氦FW6RFV6vW2fR&VVvB"&Bf W62BW663FvF2vVW2FRFV6w2'&Ɩ@B66RBW2W""6V6