Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 91

Steel Notes Magazine - You and alcohol. Everybody knows it’s about “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” when it comes to being a rockstar. Is it just a stereotype, or does it still exist? - I definitely don’t use drugs. But I like drinking when I hang out with friends, or to chill out. I am not an alcoholic, though! I just like to have fun with other people, have a good time. When on tour there are plenty of opportunities to go to parties, meet new people, drink here and there, so it’s definitely not a stereotype. However, you might also go to a party and get introduced to somebody whom you are going to start a wonderful relationship with. - What about some other interests of yours. Last book read? Last movie watched? Last vacation taken? I like reading, mainly pulp, noir genres. The last book I read was “Lost Echoes”, by Joe R. Lansdale. The last movie I watched was “The Revenant”. The last vacation I took was in Sicily, where my family owns a house. I really needed some time to relax. - As a fellow Italian, do you cook? What’s your favorite dish? - I am definitely not your typical Italian when it comes to cooking and food. I know how to cook, but I am not a big fan of food. I eat because I have to. Of course, if the food is really good, I enjoy it more. Maybe the dish I can cook really well is risotto with prosecco and rosemary. - As a professional musician, what would you recommend to people who would like to start a similar career, and what should they absolutely try to avoid? - Study your instrument with dedication, but do not get stuck inside a room. Go out, meet people, be honest and not opportunistic. Take any chance you get to play, to develop your musical skills and keep going with determination. Dream big! Keep hoping to become a rockstar but do not get discouraged if you don’t become rich or famous! Nowadays there are many ways to do music for a living. Earning money through your passion is always the best thing ever. Photo by Tim Tronckoe Official Web Site Steel Notes Magazine 91