Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 86

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 Antonio - guitar player as well - and we pretended we had a crowd in front of us. Every night we would pretend to be in a different city too, as if we were on a real tour. I couldn’t have imagined the dream would actually become reality, but luckily it did. I worked really hard to make it happen and favorable conditions allowed me to get to play with Doro. As with everything in life, it’s about strong determination and a good amount of luck. When the right opportunity shows up in front of you, you have to be ready to take it right away, and that’s what I did. Music allows me to see the world, and it’s amazing, as well as intense. I get to know so many different people, sometimes new lifelong friends, sometimes people I would have preferred not to meet. Most days are great and exciting, some others more nostalgic. - Do you think that being Italian in a foreign world is an advantage or a disadvantage? How is your nationality perceived within the global music business? Photo by Anna Dalla Bona - 86 It was never a disadvantage. Italians are very much appreciated in foreign countries, due to their artistic skills as well as their friendliness. I have so Steel Notes Magazine many friends in the music industry that come from all over the world. Of course we always joke about stereotypes, it’s fun. But when you are on stage, and you play, it gets serious, and where you come from does not matter anymore. - Travelling as a musician: what does that represent to you? What about travelling, in general? What does music mean to you, rock specifically? - Travelling is one of the biggest components of my job. Touring, though, is very different from travelling as a tourist. When you are on tour, there is no touristic itinerary to follow, you just end up doing things that locals do every day. Go to restaurants, drink a few beers, find a laundry place! The good thing is, sometimes we have days off, and that’s when we can visit the city we are in. I have mixed feelings when it comes to the physical moving aspect of travelling. I don’t like waiting for flights at the airport. At the same time, I like to be in the plane/bus/train, where I have time to think about upcoming projects, tours, albums. I am definitely more relaxed when I travel with other band members. However, it often happens that I have to travel solo, and I have to admit that kind of experience is enrichening. I feel like I have to be more careful and pay more attention to everything. The other aspect that’s pretty interesting is the difference between the trip towards the city we are playing in and the trip to go back home, when the tour is over. The trips before concerts are great and exciting. I know what’s