Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 85

Steel Notes Magazine Luca Cerardi - Italy September 19th, 2016 International – Italy Interview with Luca Princiotta from Doro Pesch Here is my new interview with Luca Princiotta, Doro Pesch guitarist. I had the pleasure to met Luca 7 years ago working together with my previous band and with my actual one and I always appreciate his kindness, his skills and the man he is not only in music but in life so to me another “must” to interview him going through his lifestyle, his roots, his ideas and much more. Enjoy! - - I had been dreaming about this life since when I was a child. At the time I used to play at home with my brother Let’s get started... you are an Italian musician travelling the world. With Doro Pesch you have been touring in so many different countries for a long time – you actually just finished the American tour and the Metal Cruise. You are one of the few Italians who gets to play live around the world for a living. Would you ever have imagined you would eventually achieve this? How would you define the experience? Photo by Eus - Metalexperience Steel Notes Magazine 85