Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 81

Steel Notes Magazine ingly brilliant … What is it about these stories that filled you with visions of style and design ??? DS: The philosophical and literary life of the writers provoked the authority, so that various pieces were reported like Schiller’s "The Robbers", only under certain conditions. Today's points of view strongly form both pop stars and revolutionaries. Today one has the impression that Schiller and Goethe are forgotten because they preferred literature while others preferred areas of commerce and fast food. MBW: I must laugh … yet that is an extremely solid determination! … Where does that bring us today … What is your modus operandi ??? DS: I am the entrepreneur and designer of the collection schillerundgoethe, which goes back to the time of the clarification to produce a synthesis between the 21st century and the 18th century. My concern is a modern aesthetics, elegance, styling and quality. This has been created through the connection of centuries and documentation. Nevertheless, this should not mean that only one dogma is subjected, but it should be freely interpreted, so that the collection is always presented under new inspirations. Of course style elements and typical signs of the most important epochs of the clarification are incorporated. The collection will be a synthesis from tradition & modern age, body-emphatically, female, time-spiritual and elegant. Today one can say that we go toward, by the topical events, like the global financial crisis, another "clarification". The 21st century is defeated, under other portents, a new clarification which also brings a new spirit of the times within itself. This new spirit of the times will accompany us in the present time and admit new interpretations of the fashion. The mood is quieter all together and less provoking what will also express itself in form and colour. At last aesthetics, form and quality lie in the change of the time. MBW: Would you be so kind as to give us some of the details about your collections ??? Steel Notes Magazine 81