Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 80

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 MBW: This is all mind boggling ... I am so overly impressed by all of this because I have always been fascinated by the fashion industry and there you are front and center ... I also found something else fascinating here in your pages called ... What is this all about ??? DS: In 2000 I started with a friend a new internet portal under the name is a showcase of communication, presentations and works of any individual or company to represent that individual or company. Any person, or company, desiring to expand needs to communicate. They may do this via a pressbook. Pressbooks may include works, advertisements, catalogues, press releases, editorials, company financial data, prospectus, individuals resumes etc... MBW: Would you care to tell our Steel Notes Magazine readers and the World about your own brand schillerundgoethe ??? DS: In December 2007, after 23 years, I resigned from John Galliano in order to launch my own brand,"schillerundgoethe" to the international market. The basic idea is based on the context to connect the past and the future of the fashion concerning the philosophical basic position of the 18th century up to the 21st century. The 18th century, as well as the 19th and 20th centuries, still have a big influence on our everyday life, which appears in the art, the fashion and the media. These centuries, along with their authors and philosophers, have left a lasting impression and have no equal. MBW: When would you say your fancy turned towards this dramatic chapter in fashion ??? DS: I could not avoid this influence during the school years and was particularly impressed by this time. A strong affection for Goethe and Schiller was built up, which in the storm, impulsive times or genius times, a current of the German literature, in the epoch of the clarification, which have gone from about 1767 to about 1785, primarily from young men, 20 to 30 year old authors, new ways. MBW: I see … You were highly inspired by the astounding bravado found in the works of these authors … I find that to be overwhelm- 80 Steel Notes Magazine