Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 78

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 DS: I went directly into the German Forces. I attended the German Forces for almost two years. In the later stages I became liaison officer between German Forces and the British Rhine Forces. MBW: Where and when did you embark on fashion ???. DS: After I left the German Forces. I studied at the Fachhochschule for Design and Textiltechnology in Mönchengladbach,. I graduated as Designer and Diplom Ingenieur for Textiltechnology. MBW: What were you doing in the Fachhochschule ??? DS: For five years I studied design and Textiltechnology at the same time. During my study I worked for different designer houses to help out with ideas and to create collections. MBW: Was the Fachhochschule a major turning point in your blossoming career ??? DS: Yes, indeed. At my last year at the Fachhochschule, March 1983, I was discovered as a model in Florenz, Italy by the assistant of Nando Miglios (Fashion Journalist, Stylist and Fashion Organizer in Milan). Nando Miglios booked me for the Giorgio Armani’s show in Rome, June 1983. That was my first show ever. I was really nervous at that stage. In fact, the show was a disaster for me. At first, I couldn’t run on stage. I was afraid I might fall off the catwalk. I felt out of place amongst the superstars who were on stage. This created a huge problem for me at that time. However, everyone there was helping me out to come down with my expression. Actually, I was too shy. End of the story. 78 Steel Notes Magazine