Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 77 Steel Notes Magazine I will, however, continue on wondering and wandering ... taking you all along with me ... until we come to a particular time and place in my childhood where you will meet my regal cousin ... the most original girl in the whirled ... The Marquise de la Lillibridge ... You could meet her in further depth were you to venture into my Memoir ... for my book, Go West, is dedicated to her ... but ... for now I will simply tell you that it was there ... in Marquise's girlhood boudoir ... and the many ongoing hours and days into years we spent "ooo'ing" and "ahh'ing" through countless pages of stacks upon stacks of Vogue Magazines into our very own Fashion Fantasy Oblivion ... Of course, and without doubt, I already possessed the instinctive interest and flair ... some rare and inherent distinction that sets me apart from the masses ... or I'd have been spending those fantasizing hours elsewhere ... to be sure. The Whirling Worldz of Marlowe B West takes great pleasure ... on this High Fashion Boulevard in the stars ... to be bringing you my distinguished guest ... Mister Dietmar Schloton ... MBW: My good man ... it is so grand to have you here with us today ... I see you as an honorary member of the European Fashion Elite ... I find this most interesting and would like to enlighten the world by telling them everything about you, Dietmar ... So now I ask you ... how does our story begin ??? DS: Born November 9, 1962 Mönchengladbach /Germany MBW: Where were you as a child ??? DS: I had a great childhood with my grandparents. At age 10, I attend the boarding school (Alumnat) for sports in Traben- Trarbach/Germany MBW: Was there any other preliminary education you received ??? DS: Not at that time. When I was18 I graduated high school. MBW: What did you do after high school ??? Steel Notes Magazine 77