Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 7 Steel Notes Magazine Transformers, and even actual news clips to drive the comedic effect home. The Polka tune for the night was “Now That’s What I Call Polka!” which is a medley of “Wrecking Ball,” “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Best Song Ever,” “Gangnam Style,” “Call Me Maybe,” “Scream and Shout,” “Somebody That I Used to Know,” “Timber,” “Sexy and I Know It,” “Thrift Shop,” and “Get Lucky.” Pheew! That was a lot for one song, but it was a great performance of some of the greatest hits over the past few years that were instantly recognizable. There were other medleys as well, but these were not Polka versions, just the parodies themselves. There wasn’t a dull moment the entire show with Weird Al Yankovic. The man has thirty years of making fun of others under his belt now and there is no end in site. If you are given the chance to view his show first hand, you won’t regret the decision to buy tickets. From beginning to end, it is nonstop fun and laughter for the whole family. Clever skits, funny lyrics, and great musical performances Steel Notes Magazine 7