Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 66

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 BRODIAN’S BANTER Everybody's saying their bit about what they feel politically. Right now I feel, logically, Hillary Clinton is the best choice. She's the wife of a former president - remember when Bill Clinton first took office? He gave her an office next to his. I remember bumper stickers reading: "Who made her president?". Well, she has experience working alongside a sitting president. And there's her time spent as Secretary of State. If elected, she'd be the seventh Secretary of State to become president. The first was John Adams. On the negative side, people are not satisfied with the way the current administration is dealing with situations in the Middle East - from the Iranian nuclear program to the situation in Syria. Then there's the goings on with the North Koreans. Hey: We bombed Iraq without concrete evidence of weapons of mass destruction. Why aren't we bombing the North Koreans? They've been TESTING weapons of mass destruction along with missile launches in violation of sanctions. I asked one politically aware person that question ages ago - their response was "oil". That seems to easy of an answer. There has to be more to it that this. And also, many people are less than satisfied with "Obamacare". Then there's Trump. People are not sick of the current administration but, I feel, scared. Perhaps some people feel Trump may go ahead and deal with the Iranian nuclear program more harshly. The Israelis were prepared to send in planes and bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities. They had done something similar in Iraq in the 1980's when Iraq was getting ready to build nuclear weapons to fight their war with Iran. In order for the Israelis to get to Iran, they have to fly over Iraq. President Obama told the Israelis if they fly over Iraq, they will be shot down. Would a President Trump feel different? What would he do/say about the North Koreans building up their nuclear capabilities? What does he have planned for heal \O’\\[\\]H]\[\[[\H]\[XX[\[\˂] Y[[YH]HX[H\X]Yۈ]\YX[H\[\\Z[ XXHZYX[H]X[H[ܜX][Y[[[YH\Hۋ\][Y[[][B[]وۈ[ ܈YH[ۛۈX\ۋܙX]YH[Hۛۈ\[\[]\]H H܂XIY[YY܈[]\][ۈ H[]Y[HXX^YHBY[Hۛ[[\[] ]\HۛX]]X’IH\[\\ݙ\[و\[Hۉ\Hۈ] [ HY[ X[H[HY[H[YK\“XY^[B\H˜[Hو[H[ۈ\‚˜Y[\XY^[KB