Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 61 Steel Notes Magazine "Overwhelmed with talent, one young man's struggle between the nightmarish world of addiction, his music and the woman who forces a choice." Inspired by DAZED the novel series by author Nikki Palomino Synopsis: Artiste extraordinaire Eric Peterson bonds on the Portland streets with fellow runaway Wink and their relationship grows as she tries to help him cope with his burgeoning musical talent during the early 1990’s. Unable to discard the pain from his short, angry life, Eric climbs brutally through the world of drugs losing his grip on Wink’s unconditional love and extinguishes his artistic brilliance in a world that hates junkies. Based on the DAZED Novel Series by Nikki Palomino, DAZED the film captures visually how nothing can stop a junkie from securing his next blast of smack. Eric’s journey to self-discovery might be too high a price tag to pay. Inspired by the ramblings of three junkies, most notably Kurt Cobain after Nikki met covering music in Los Angeles during the grunge rock era, DAZED proves no one can say with certainty which road awaits around the corner. DAZED the film Steel Notes Magazine 61