Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 59 Steel Notes Magazine dance. The tempting sounds and calling out to someone bring some mystery to your mind. Singing a picture is hard to do but Mark did it! I could see the girl on the street who was street sassy, savvy and sexy sultress enticing those who saw her. “Rainy Day Children” - A dash of a slower tempo along with a large scoop of Mark Lindsay's raw vocals, gives you a round trip ticket to traveling to many destinations. I'm sure I heard the rain in the background! I would compare this song to the albums “Alias Pink Puzz” and “Hard and Heavy with Marshmallows, but much better! “Ghost of a Girl” - Get ready for a huge dose of head bopping rockabilly, energetic, playful and sing-a-long song! I love the chorus and started singing. Don't just sit there, get up and dance to the music and fast paced voice of Mark! “Like Nothing You've Ever Seen” - This is like 'Nothing I've EVER heard before'! From the clever changes in the tempo, the hard driving guita r solo and and energizing vocals, this is guaranteed to blow your mind! The song title says it all! “Let's Fly Away” - Sway and groove to the sounds of true rock and roll in the raw! Leave it all behind and let the music take you to where you've never been before! Soar with Mark Lindsay's vocals and you'll never be the same! “I Can't Slow Down” - This jazzy bop and catchy song takes you back to the sock hops. Close your eyes and there you are on the dance floor! Mark's wailing sax solo brings all the ingredients together for a juke box good time! Before listening to this one, be sure to get up off of your seat and get ready to go! “Don't Stop” - Turn your air conditioner on and get ready to be seduced. Mark Lindsay will hypnotize you with his sexy vocals and those heart pounding breaths. Who would want to stop the fast, moving music with that sensual song? Turn out the lights, close the shades, light the candles and pour the wine. Don't add ice, it will melt! “Rush on You” - The garage rock sound will take you back to when it was real! Mark's vocals are nothing but raw with his growling sounds. Rock on! “New Thing” - That “voice”, you remember it, it's Mark Lindsay! I love the blues-style rock and hard vocals which are somewhat demanding and tempting. It reminds me of “Mr Sun, Mr Moon” but this is a totally new song which does not disappoint. You'll have flashbacks of the 60's! “Show Me The Love” - Get ready for love with a fast paced beat along with Mark's superior vocals! Be sure to listen for “that scream” at the end and have the ice water ready! “Poco Loco Crazy” - It's upbeat, energizing, hand clapping, twisting and sing it LOUD! This will remind you of the early Raider daze. You can't sit down! “Merry Go Round (Christian's Song)” - An astonishing sound that will remind you of Mark Lindsay's Solo Albums! I love this slower tempo and the clear Mark vocals. Combine all of his solo albums and this song is the best! This is a MUST for any ML/Raider fan and 60's fans. If you love great music done the right way, get your copy now! I'm so glad I did. I've been a Mark Lindsay fan for years. Now to play those songs again! Through the expertise of the amazing team in the studio, and the raw, rock and roll vocals which only Mark Lindsay can provide, this powerful “Life Out Loud” recording was completed in 7 days! If you don't have this, why not? Turn it up and rock on dudes and dudettes! I'm loving this - Patty Spade Cochran Steel Notes Magazine 59