Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 58

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 Mark Lindsay, former lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders who sang every hit song the Raiders recorded, became every girl's Teen Idol of the 60's and they began plastering his photos on their walls! Mark Lindsay is back and better than ever! His unmistakable voice will transport you back in time to the 1960's again, but this is 2016! The magic began in May of 2013 at the House of Vibes, Highland Park in New Jersey. “Life Out Loud” is something that every Mark Lindsay and Raider fan should have and for those of you who have not had the opportunity to hear something that will rock your world! Mark Lindsay Has Done It Again! An album review by Patty Spade Cochran Is this the 1960's again? Where am I? What year is this? It just doesn't get any better than this! Everyone involved in this project put everything they had into it and it is a hit! “Life Out Loud” is an amazing variety of musical tempo. The musicians are tight (all 4 members of The Doughboys) and the vibes will fill your speakers! Mark Lindsay has the ability to sing any song and turn it into his own. The combination on this cd is like 'Nothing I've EVER heard before'! This is the best music project that Mark Lindsay has EVER done. I am speechless! “Baby Come Back” - This was a fantastic choice for the very first song on this winning cd! It's a toe-tapping, sultry, garage rock style that kicks butt! Mark's vocals are sizzling and so clear. Let's go! This song will get your motor running and you will want to keep listening to the entire recording! “Easy Street” - The driving beat of the drums added with a little bit of ZZ Top sound will have chills going up and down your spine! Add a large amount of gnarling, clear recognizable vocals of Mark Lindsay and there it is! Totally rockin. “Everything About You” - I love everything about this one! This song blends it all together with the right amount of rhythm that will move you to get up and 58 Steel Notes Magazine